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sound proof tape manufacturer

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sound proof tape manufacturer

The Xunda soundproofing coating system is a self adhesive tape designed for eliminating the noise from the vehicles engine, tyres and general road noise , absorbing vehicle structural vibrations, converting them to low level heat ,corrosion protection and waterproofing. It consists of aluminum surface and butyl based visco elastic polymer active layer
It is very flexibility and can be installed to any where of the vehicle including under the bonnet.
Non flammable
Soft and easy to use
Highly efficient vibration damping
Highly efficient sound deadening.
Highly efficient waterproofing
Safe and environmentally friendly
Excellent heat reflector and thermal insulator
Military grade adhesive stays stuck even in extreme temperatures

Product PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
Aluminum ThicknessASTMD10000.1mm
Tear strengthASTMD1000>2N/cm
Tensile StrengthASTMD1000>40N/cm
AdhesionASTM D100025N/cm
Water absorptivityASTM D2570.05%
Heat Resistance (160℃ 4h)
No flowing ,deformation
Low Temperature Flexibility (-40℃)
No Cracksound proof tape manufacturer
website:China Soundproofing Tape Manufacturer and Supplier - Soundproofing Tape Price - Jining XUNDA
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